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For three generations, the family business Dohse Aquaristik has stood for innovation and tradition. It was founded by Hans Dohse in 1949. The values that drive the company have been established over 3 generations and continue to improve.

No pets live in their natural environment. That is why DUPLA and HOBBY products are designed to improve the environment for animals in the best possible way.

The range of products for pets is unique and brings many benefits to the pet owner.

Our brands HOBBY Aquaristics, HOBBY Terraristics and DUPLA offer a wide variety of products - with more than 110 years of experience. 


PlantFix liquid Dupla

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Viscous adhesiveFor secure fixing of plants and mosses on decoration materials
Nutritious soil


Water-neutral substrateLime-free

Plant 24 Dupla

Liquid daily fertilizer with iron and trace elements

Gan Dupla

Water treatment with protective colloids
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