Marine additives

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Fish / Coral Care

Voogle Easy Life

Voogle is a very efficient and safe innovative product that increases the resistance and supports the natural healing process.
Water treatment

Easystart Easy Life

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.
Water treatment

Aquamaker Easy Life

AquaMaker is a powerful, fast working water conditioner.
Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium 250ml Easy Life

he optimum calcium concentration in a marine aquarium is 410 - 450 mg per litre (ppm). Easy-Life Calcium is a powerful, concentrated product which compensates for a deficiency.
Trace elements

Strontium 250ml Easy Life

Concentrated productIdeal to use to compensate for a deficiency
Calcium and Magnesium

Magnesium 250ml Easy Life

La teneur optimale en strontium dans un aquarium d’eau de mer est de 8 à 12 mg par litre (ppm). Easy-Life Strontium est un produit concentré, idéal pour compenser une éventuelle carence.
Trace elements

Iode 250ml Easy Life

Iodine protects coral against UV radiation and forms a natural protection against all sorts of parasites.
Fish / Coral Care

Maxicoral B - Easy Life

MaxiCoral B contains, amongst other things, a fluorine/iodine mix, bromine, potassium and boron
Fish / Coral Care

Maxicoral A - Easy Life

MaxiCoral A contains, amongst other things, a strontium/barium complexContains also: Mg, Mn, Fe, Mo, Li, Rb, Cr, Co, Cu, Zn, Ni and Se
Easy Neo Easy Life EASY LIFE - 1 Easy Neo Easy Life EASY LIFE - 1 2
Water treatment

Easy Neo Easy Life

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.
Osmosis plants & accessories

Kh+ Dupla 250g

Water Hardener
KH and PH

Ph Buffer (kh+) 500ml Easy Life

Easy-Life pH-Buffer (KH+) safely increases the KH, so that the pH value is stabilized at the correct level. The product contains in total 18,100 dKH.
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