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Water Conditioners

JBL Filter Start Red 10 ml

For aquarium water ideally suited to the requirements of fish and plantsFor goldfish aquariums
Water Conditioners

JBL Filter Boost

Optimises the filter performance and prolongs the intervals between filter cleaning For setting-up new aquariums and after water changes and fish diseasesFor freshwater and marine aquariumsTurtle and shrimp tanks
Seachem Stability
Product available with different options
Restores biological balanceFor freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Water Conditioners

JBL Start Kit

Water conditionerRemoves harmful substances
Water Conditioners

Aqua Crystal 50ml Dupla

Water purifying agentFor the removal of turbidity causing substances and floating algaeFor freshwater and saltwater aquaria and garden ponds
Water Conditioners

JBL Denitrol

For aquarium water to suit both fish and plantsWhen setting up a new aquarium, water changes and after fish diseasesFor freshwater and saltwater aquariumsFor turtle and shrimp tanks 
Water Conditioners

Tetra Aqua Bactozym 10 capsules

Tetra Bactozym rapidly increases the biological activity of the aquarium. Natural organic colloids deposit an invisible film on the filtration material and on all surfaces, thus promoting the colonization of useful filtration bacteria. The introduction of certain fish is thus possible as early as 24 hours after the installation of the aquarium. Water and...

Cur 200ml Dupla

Strengthens the body’s own resistance systemAnti-inflammatory
Water Conditioners

Microbe-Lift Aqua Balance

Accelerates and perfects the breakdown of nitrates in saltwater and freshwater aquariums
Character 250ml Dupla
Water Conditioners

Character 250ml Dupla

Bacteria preparation for starting and optimising nitrification in freshwater
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