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Food for aquatic turtles

Turtle Food JBL

Natural food with food stick containing fishFor turtles 10 – 50 cm in size For the nutritional requirements of turtles and pond terrapins

Rugil 100ml JBL

Floating food sticks for turtlesSpecies-appropriate food mixtureFor small turtles 8-15 cm in size 
Food for aquatic turtles

Gammarus JBL

Feed supplement for turtlesCleaned gammarus crustaceansFor turtles 10-50 cm in sizeSupplementary food for turtles and terrapins 
Dried Gammarus pulexFor aquatic and terrestrial turtles en large fish
Main food for baby turtlesSifted and cleaned small crustaceans and insectsFor young turtles from 5 to 10 cm in size 
Food for aquatic turtles

Agil JBL

Staple food in the form of floating sticksFor turtles 10 -50 cm in size Especially for turtles and pond terrapins
Food for aquatic turtles

Agivert JBL

Food sticks made up of a mixturePurely plant-based raw materialsFor the nutritional requirements of tortoises
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