Water Conditioners

Preparing the water quality in an optimal way is essential for fish. That's why AquaBota offers a wide range of water conditioners at the best price.

Fruit of the "Sterculia foetida" native to Sri LankaCan be used as a hiding place and source of cellulose for shrimp

JBL Filter Start Red 10 ml

For aquarium water ideally suited to the requirements of fish and plantsFor goldfish aquariums
Fish / Coral Care

Voogle Easy Life

Voogle is a very efficient and safe innovative product that increases the resistance and supports the natural healing process.
Water treatment

Easystart Easy Life

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.
Water treatment

Aquamaker Easy Life

AquaMaker is a powerful, fast working water conditioner.
Water Conditioners

JBL Acclimol

For aquarium water ideally suited to the requirements of the fishWhen adding new fishAfter working in the aquarium or during fish transportTo activate the resistance of freshwater aquarium fish

JBL Filter Boost

Optimises the filter performance and prolongs the intervals between filter cleaning For setting-up new aquariums and after water changes and fish diseasesFor freshwater and marine aquariumsTurtle and shrimp tanks
Water Conditioners

JBL Biotopol C 100 ml

For aquarium waterTo suit water crustaceans and shrimpsFor initial setup and during water changesEspecially for aquariums with invertebrates
Catappa Leaves 10p M  - 1
Caring for fish and invertebrates For freshwater aquariums with conditions close to natural living environmentNatural effect of tropical almond leavesPromotes well-being, vitality and spawning readiness
Water Conditioners

JBL Biotopol

For setting up new aquariumsFor water changeFor the strengthening fish after diseasesFor freshwater aquariums and for turtle tanks 

Shrimp Mineral

To add minerals to osmosis water 
Water Conditioners

JBL Biotopol R

For aquarium waterTo suit both fish and plantsFor setting-up, water changes and strengthening fish after diseaseEspecially for goldfish aquariums 
Water Conditioners

Catappa-X Easy Life

Catappa leaves are added to aquarium water because of the healing effect they have on fish and shrimps. Catappa-X is the effective, fluid variant of the leaves for aquariums.
Water cleaner the natural way Cleans and clarifies aquarium water the natural way For fresh and saltwater aquariums and turtle tanks
Removes toxic substances, such as ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2), chloride and chloramine IMMEDIATELY from freshwater and marine water 

pH-Plus 100ml JBL

To adapt the pH value to the needs of the fish and invertebratesFor fresh and saltwater aquariums Rapid raising of the pH value and stabilisation through increase of the carbonate hardness 
For pond water to suit both fish and plantsReliably binds phosphatePrevents unwanted algae growthFor freshwater aquariums and turtle and shrimp tanks 

JBL Tropol 100 ml

For water to suit both fish and plantsFor setting-up and for water changes Suitable for freshwater aquariums and shrimp tanks
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