AquaBota offers a wide range of substrates for your terrariums. We make sure to provide you with the best quality at the best price.


Habistat Coir Gros Husk

Coarse Burrowing substrate 100% natural and organic Non-abrasive Holds water without draining
Natural Substrate

Terrawood JBL

Natural substrateMade from beech chippingsFor dry and semi-dry terrariums
Substrate made from high quality wood chips Very absorbent and easy to clean Dust-free to reduce the risk of particulate inhalation Mimics the natural habitat conditions of snakes

Terrabark S (2-10mm) JBL

Substrate made of pine barkFor forest and rainforest terrariums
Natural Substrate

Terrabasis JBL

Specialty soil from selected natural productsFor humid and semi-humid terrariums
Suitable for a variety of reptiles and amphibians Made from natural hardwood bark Helps create a natural environment for your pets Can be used as a moisture substrate Allows better humidity retention in the terrarium
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