Natural Substrate


Habistat Coir Gros Husk

Coarse Burrowing substrate 100% natural and organic Non-abrasive Holds water without draining
Natural Substrate

Terrawood JBL

Natural substrateMade from beech chippingsFor dry and semi-dry terrariums
Substrate made from high quality wood chips Very absorbent and easy to clean Dust-free to reduce the risk of particulate inhalation Mimics the natural habitat conditions of snakes

Terrabark S (2-10mm) JBL

Substrate made of pine barkFor forest and rainforest terrariums
Natural Substrate

Terrabasis JBL

Specialty soil from selected natural productsFor humid and semi-humid terrariums
Suitable for a variety of reptiles and amphibians Made from natural hardwood bark Helps create a natural environment for your pets Can be used as a moisture substrate Allows better humidity retention in the terrarium
Small fir and oak bark Suitable for epiphytic plants Ideal for reptiles, amphibians and insects that need a dry and airy environment
Natural substrate for reptiles and amphibians Made of untreated beech wood chips Ideal for species requiring higher humidity Good moisture retention while allowing adequate air circulation Easy to clean and maintain
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