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Fruit of the "Sterculia foetida" native to Sri LankaCan be used as a hiding place and source of cellulose for shrimp

Shrimp Mineral

To add minerals to osmosis water 
Water cleaner the natural way Cleans and clarifies aquarium water the natural way For fresh and saltwater aquariums and turtle tanks
PhosEx Rapid
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For pond water to suit both fish and plantsReliably binds phosphatePrevents unwanted algae growthFor freshwater aquariums and turtle and shrimp tanks 
JBL Detoxol
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Removes toxic substances, such as ammonia (NH3), nitrite (NO2), chloride and chloramine IMMEDIATELY from freshwater and marine water 
To adapt the pH value to the needs of the fish and invertebratesFor fresh and saltwater aquariums Rapid raising of the pH value and stabilisation through increase of the carbonate hardness 
For aquarium waterTo suit both fish and plants in freshwater aquariumsSuitable in turtle tanks and in shrimp tanksRapid decrease of the pH value thanks to natural oak extractPhosphate-free.
Creates crystal-clear waterFor freshwater aquariums and turtle tanks 
Natural care for fish and invertebrates in freshwater aquariums Natural effect of tropical almond leavesPromotes well-being, vitality and spawning readiness 


Shortens the aquariums “set-up-phase”Neutralises ammonium, ammoniac, nitrite and nitrateStrengthens the ecosystem
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