Green plants

Green plants for inside a terrarium are plants that stay beautiful no matter the time of year, as their beauty is not in their flowers but in their leaves. We have a huge assortment of green plants in different sizes, different colors, that are hanging or standing and that thrive in all kinds of environments. When adding a green plant to your terrarium, you increase its attractiveness and your provide your animals with a natural hiding place.

Terrarium plants

Nomaphila specie pink

Famille de plante: HygrophilaOrigine: CultivarTaille: Jusqu’à 50cmType de Plante: Plante à TigeTempérature : 18 à 28 °cPH : 5.5 à 8.0 GH : 5 à 20 °dDemande en Co2: Faible a MoyenneDemande en lumière: Faible a Moyenne 25 - 50 Lumens / LitreVitesse de croissance: Rapide Difficulté de maintenance: Facile
Plants Pond

Acorus calamus

Soil: Marshy soil Colour: cream Exposure: Sun / Half-shade Flowering time: May to July Ornamental flowering: Yes Foliage: Deciduous Scent: Yes Size : 0.80-100x0.40 Density: 5/m². Depth : 0 to - 20 cm
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