Bromelia plants are an excellent choice to use in terraria, espectially in terraria with poison dart frogs. In their natural habitat in South America, there are frog species that exclusively breed in the water that is found in bromelia leaves! In captivity you can provide your frogs, gecko's or lizards with a bromelia plant to create a great place from them to hide, to increase the humidity in the terrarium and to make your terrarium look beautiful. Bromeliads thrive especially in tropical and subtropical, humid, terraria.


Guzmania mix

Maximum size: 10 cmGrowth: mediumLighting: strongTemperature: 18 to 34°CSubstrate: potting soil
Maximum size: 20-30 cmGrowth: slowLight: mediumTemperature: 20 to 30°CSubstrate: potting soil
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