Glass cleaners

Glass cleaners

Algae Magnet JBL

Magnetic glass cleaneHelps removing algae from panes

Magnet JBL Floaty Mini

Floating window cleaner magnetRemoves algae and dirt from the outside of your aquarium panesDoes not scratch
Glass cleaners

Aimant Floaty II JBL

Glass cleaning magnetWith floating internal element Size S: 60x30x65 mm (LxWxH)Size M: 115x40x60 mm (LxWxH)Size L: 110x65x60 mm (LxWxH)

Raclette JBL Blanki Set

Non-scratch glass pane cleanerRemoval of algae, lime and other deposits
Glass cleaners

Floaty Blade Magnet JBL

Cleaning magnetWith blade and floating internal elementCleans aquarium panes of 8 to 15 mm thickness
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