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Skimmer ARKA CORE ACS120 1000L

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What makes the ARKA® Core skimmer so special? - Special conical diffusers for unprecedented foaming action - Extremely compact design - enough space in each sump - High quality Sicce pump specially developed and modified - Made in Italy - Quiet and energy efficient - Easy to maintain - higher level The conical body of the ARKA® Core skimmer, the advanced bubble chamber and the conical diffusers work in synergy to mix air and water with maximum efficiency.
The special design eliminates turbulent flows and eddies that could affect performance.
The new BABY-SKIM diffusers provide a stable laminar flow in the reaction chamber, which allows for unprecedented skimmer performance and efficiency.
The design of the hybrid cone maximizes the size of the reaction chamber and thus facilitates the efficient removal of harmful substances.
The innovative bubble chamber minimizes turbulence and generates a stable laminar flow, which improves bubble transfer and increases skimming performance.
The innovative bubble chamber combined with the powerful and high quality Sicce Beast impeller pump generates ideal air bubbles, which quickly and efficiently guide proteins and other waste through the conical body to the collecting vessel.
ARKA® Core skimmers have been accurately calculated and developed by computer and equipped with the latest technologies to achieve performance that will meet all your expectations.
ARKA® Core skimmers are made from highly polished cell cast acrylic glass and contain high quality components such as : - Advanced bubble chamber - Hybrid cone body - Adjustable air silencer - Specially developed needle roller bearing - Very quiet and efficient quality pump High performance pumps - Made in Italy The optimized 220V'Beast' needle pumps manufactured by Sicce guarantee a high air flow rate and a balanced action of air bubbles to reliably remove proteins and organic substances from the aquarium.
Maintenance is reduced to a minimum to allow you more time for your aquarium.
A reef in your living room - a silent bottom ARKA® Core skimmers have been designed from the ground up for use in the living room.
An integrated air The input silencer reduces noise for almost silent operation.
Rubber feet isolate noise and reduce vibration.
Features : - Efficient, durable and reliable - Easy to use and maintain - Cast cell acrylic glass - Rubber feet isolate noise and reduce vibration - Titanium screw on the base of the skimmer - Exclusively designed collection container with handle for easy cleaning

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