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ichi Food Kido 3mm - complete pond food

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Complete feed for pond fish

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ichi Food Kido 3mm 3L and 10L
complete food for all pond fish


ichi Food Kido 3mm 3L and 10L is a complete food for pond fish. This food can be used all year round and contains all the nutrients your fish need for their well-being. Composed of top-of-the-range foods, these economical pellets offer :

    a complete diet
    a food suitable for all fish: koi, capes, sturgeons and goldfish
    a composition that enhances growth
    a healthy food that meets nutritional requirements
    perfect for increasing your koi's "body" (fat mass)


This pond food is a high-quality all-in-one product. This food is suitable for koi, voile de chine and all other pond fish. Rich in proteins and lipids, it's a highly appreciated food that's generating a lot of interest. Finally, it's also a food that's suitable for juvenile fish. These mealworms can be eaten by everyone in the pond.

With 3mm pellets, they are easily assimilated by everyone in the pond, large or small.

How to use Aquatic Science ichi Food Kido 3mm 3L and 10L:


As its name suggests, ichi Food Kido 3mm 3L and 10L is a complementary food that is perfect for: varying the diet and increasing the mass of your fish.


Finally, for optimal feeding, here's our advice:

    feed several small meals a day rather than just one
    all the food should be ingested within 5 minutes (if not, reduce the doses)
    do not feed if the temperature is below 10°C

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