Cooling unit + heating unit TK2000 R290 TECO - 1

Cooling unit + heating unit TK2000 R290

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High refrigeration technology.

The exclusive use of internationally renowned high-efficiency compressors and the titanium coaxial exchanger guarantees the highest performance levels. All the technologies used enable the highest CP values - coefficient of performance - to be obtained, while optimising energy savings and limiting noise pollution.

Digital thermostat: the functions can be set intuitively and the temperature indication is precise, resolution 0.1°C. The temperature can be set between 0°-35°C (32°F-95°F) and remains constant, with a minimum differential (0.5°C). The display is in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and there is an alarm system.

The refrigerator, with an innovative shape, is characterized by a solid structure projected to guarantee a perfect protection against oxidation. The user will appreciate its functional shape and compact dimensions suitable for small spaces.

The TECOair SYSTEM (fig.1) offers the possibility of adjusting the position of the conveyor belt, thus guaranteeing an optimal air exchange and heat expulsion. Handling of the air filter is quick and easy. The innovative tube clamp clamps allow the refrigerator to be moved easily for handling. The heating element is present in is available for all models, to ensure that the optimum temperature is maintained in all conditions of use.

Power supply 230V-50Hz (other power supplies available upon request).

Electrical Power Cooling 440 w

Ecological Gas R134a

Minimum water flow 600 l/h - 800 l/h Volume

Aquarium up to 2000 l (water temperature 25 °C - ambient temperature 30 °C - thermal load 0.3 w / l)

Dimensions in. 12.2 x 12.2 x 19.96 (h)

Weight 21.4 kg

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