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  • offers products for aquariums and garden ponds that can do more than eliminate symptoms.
  • allows you to experience nature at home, quite simply.
  • is environmentally conscious and manages natural resources in a sustainable manner.
  • convinces with its professional competence.
  • ensures that you can design and enjoy your aquarium and/or garden pond to the fullest.

Especially in fishkeeping, Dennerle

  • can boast more than 40 years of experience.
  • sets the tone and is a pioneer and innovator.
  • designs products for all aquarists, from the novice to the professional.
Sand and substrate

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Natural gravel for freshwater aquariums For natural and creative accents Light and CO2 resistant Compatible with: pebbles, mini-landscape, light pagoda, underwater mountains Suitable for all aquarium inhabitants
Nano Thermometer Dennerle Dennerle - 1
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Thermometers & suction cups

Nano Thermometer Dennerle

€3.83 €4.50
Thermometer for mini aquariums only 6.5 cmSuction cup attachment includedHigh accuracyEasy temperature reading
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