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The aim is to create optimum living conditions for the water inhabitants in an environment which is very close to nature. Grotech pursue this aim passionately for over 20 years with the development and production of water additives, feeds, filter systems, dosing pumps and various other select products which easily enable the aquarists to realise their dream of a reef, river or pond in their home or garden.

All the products are tested for long time in our head quarters in order to optimize them up to the best possible. Only if they satisfy the strict high quality requirements, new products are launched to the market. The uppermost priority is the outstanding quality, easy handling and longevity of the technical devices and water additives.

CorafixStick Classic 115g - Especially for the glueing of hard corals or leather- and soft corals with solid substratum in the basin decoration.

Grotech Ca+Kh 2

The solution for a quick increase of the calcium contents / liquid calcium
Mineral pro instant 1000g - The mineral salt for reverse osmosis water
Magnesium pro 1000g - The addition for the calcium reactor for increase of the Magnesium content.
Corafix gel 20g - Ideal for the fixing of hard corals which create a basal disk or leather and soft corals without substrate in the basin decoration. Hardens under water.
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