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The HANNA instruments group, a family history

The family company HANNA instruments was founded in Italy (Padova) in 1978 by Anna and Oscar NARDO.

From the outset, the founders wanted to make the various physico-chemical measurements, such as pH, conductivity, temperature, etc., accessible and affordable to the greatest number of users.

The setting up of an industrialized production of the very first pH testers allowed to popularize the use of this instrument. Over the years, the company has experienced strong industrial, commercial and human development.

The year 1986 saw the creation of the first subsidiary in the United States. Today, the group has more than 60 subsidiaries in 40 countries, ensuring customer proximity, technical support and optimised services.

The factories and research & development units spread over 3 continents - Italy, USA, Romania, Hungary and Mauritius - ensure the production of more than 1000 references.

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