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It all began in 1960 with a small pet shop that Joachim Böhme, a trained druggist, insect specialist and aquarist from Dresden, opened in Ludwigshafen, making his hobby his profession. When diseases of ornamental fish became a problem, he created a product called Punktol against the "white spot disease", known in aquarium circles as "ichthyo". To launch this drug, which can still be purchased today, he needed a brand name. He composed it from his initials JB and the initials of the Ludwigshafen site at the time.

After the launch of the JBL brand, the company quickly became one of the largest suppliers of complete ranges for aquarium, terrarium and garden pond products in Germany. Since 1984, the company has been headquartered in Neuhofen, Palatinate, and 180 people work on the 2.5 ha site. Currently, JBL supplies 60 countries around the world with a range of over 1000 products and more than 300 spare parts.

Even today, under the leadership of Roland Böhme, the son of the company's founder, the brand still pays special attention to research.

Thermometers & suction cups

Aquarium Thermometer Mini JBL

Mini aquarium thermometerFine measuring scale with a 2 °C gradation
Filter wadding

Symec Ouate JBL

Quality filter wool for aquarium filters
Thermometers & suction cups

Digital Thermometer JBL

Digital aquarium thermometerDisplays water temperatures from 0-40 ° C in 0.1 ° C increments

Cocos Cava 1/2m JBL

Coconut shells for aquariums and terrariums 
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