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Easy Life International B.V. has been developing and manufacturing products for aquariums and garden ponds under the Easy-Life brand since 1998.

Easy Life distinguishes itself in the market by the fact that its university-level specialists have been aquarists themselves for many years and can therefore perfectly combine practice and theory to create innovative products.

Thanks to the good reputation and excellent effectiveness of Easy-Life products, they are available in more than 40 countries, mainly through word-of-mouth advertising.

Today, the products are no longer used only by hobbyists, but also by retail and wholesale businesses, zoos, and importers and exporters of fish and corals.


Profito Easy Life

Easy-Life ProFito is an all-in-one, universal plant food which is suitable for all water plants in aquaria. The composition of ProFito ensures strong, healthy and lush plant growth.
Fish / Coral Care

Voogle Easy Life

Voogle is a very efficient and safe innovative product that increases the resistance and supports the natural healing process.
Water treatment

Easystart Easy Life

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.
EasyCarbo Bio is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants.
Water treatment

Aquamaker Easy Life

AquaMaker is a powerful, fast working water conditioner.
Water Conditioners

Catappa-X Easy Life

Catappa leaves are added to aquarium water because of the healing effect they have on fish and shrimps. Catappa-X is the effective, fluid variant of the leaves for aquariums.

Kalium Easy Life

Easy-Life Potassium is an essential macronutrient and is at least as important as iron!

Nitro Easy Life

Easy-Life Nitro and Easy-Life Fosfo are used to compensate for a deficiency of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in planted aquariums, respectively.

Fosfo Easy Life

Easy-Life Nitro and Easy-Life Fosfo are used to compensate for a deficiency of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), respectively
Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium 250ml Easy Life

he optimum calcium concentration in a marine aquarium is 410 - 450 mg per litre (ppm). Easy-Life Calcium is a powerful, concentrated product which compensates for a deficiency.
Trace elements

Strontium 250ml Easy Life

Concentrated productIdeal to use to compensate for a deficiency
Calcium and Magnesium

Magnesium 250ml Easy Life

La teneur optimale en strontium dans un aquarium d’eau de mer est de 8 à 12 mg par litre (ppm). Easy-Life Strontium est un produit concentré, idéal pour compenser une éventuelle carence.
Trace elements

Iode 250ml Easy Life

Iodine protects coral against UV radiation and forms a natural protection against all sorts of parasites.
Fish / Coral Care

Maxicoral B - Easy Life

MaxiCoral B contains, amongst other things, a fluorine/iodine mix, bromine, potassium and boron
Fish / Coral Care

Maxicoral A - Easy Life

MaxiCoral A contains, amongst other things, a strontium/barium complexContains also: Mg, Mn, Fe, Mo, Li, Rb, Cr, Co, Cu, Zn, Ni and Se

25 Root Sticks

Optimal root feeding
Easy Neo Easy Life EASY LIFE - 1 Easy Neo Easy Life EASY LIFE - 1 2
Water treatment

Easy Neo Easy Life

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures.

Excital Easy Life

Removes cyanobacteriaWithout using antibiotics or compounds which contain copper
KH and PH

Ph Buffer (kh+) 500ml Easy Life

Easy-Life pH-Buffer (KH+) safely increases the KH, so that the pH value is stabilized at the correct level. The product contains in total 18,100 dKH.
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