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The PREIS COAL has the shape of small cylinders. It has been cleaned of all toxic residues.

The active substances have been separated from the useless slag in a special process. The result is PREIS-COAL® with a 100% active surface.

The absolute neutrality of its pH-value makes it easy and safe to use for all aquarists.

However, the use of PREIS-COAL® must be discontinued during curative treatments. It will be resumed only for the disinfection of the water after the treatment.

The test data shown below show that PREIS COAL is unsurpassed in its effectiveness:

1. 10 g of PREIS COAL adsorb 7 g of organic acid and its salts. Test substance: sodium acetate.
2. 10 g of PREIS COAL adsorb 8 g of colouring matter. Substance used for the tests: methylene blue.
3. 10 g of PREIS COAL adsorb 5.8 g albumin - egg white was used for the tests.
4. 10 g of PREIS COAL were treated in 1 litre of bi-distilled water for 2 hours in an autoclave at 180°C.

They were then sucked through a membrane filter. When the water evaporated, the residue was heated to 900°C in a platinum crucible. This process produced a calcined residue of 0.01mg per 10g of PREIS® COAL. The first successful breeding of the shrimp "Palaemon elegans" in February 1976 proved that PREIS-CHALBON is indispensable for the formation of an artificial ecological system.

At the same time, this first experiment also showed that phytoplankton (single-celled plants) and zooplankton (animal plankton), both indispensable for the rearing of shrimp larvae, thrive magnificently in water filtered with PREIS® COAL.

Charbon actif pour aquarium
Charbon actif pour aquarium
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