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Get amazed with the AquaBox!

One theme per month
Between 7 and 10 products
Free delivery


from 59€ of purchase*


for 14 days


VISA, Mastercard


What is the AquaBox?
Every month we offer you a fixed-price box with various items to perfect your aquarium. There is everything you need for the type of aquarium of the month.

What's in it?
There is food, fertilizer, plants, decoration, stones and/or roots and/or additional material. And maybe a surprise or two!
In addition, a description sheet with all the products included in the AquaBox will help you find your way around!

How does it work?
Each month, you have until the 15th of the month to order it.
All the boxes will be sent at the same time the following week.

Ex: you can order the AquaBox of MAY until May 15th, 23:59.
It will be shipped the following week.

Can I order the AquaBox and something else?
Yes, of course you can!
But be careful, there will be two shipments: you will pay the shipping costs for the other items.

The big advantage of the AquaBox?
You can discover new products that you might never have bought. Moreover, the shipping costs are included for every purchase of the AquaBox, you just have to order it and there are no additional costs! 

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