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Dennerle Plants Liquid Plus

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Dennerle Plants Liquid Plus

Liquid Plus fertilizer contains the same amount of iron (Fe) and trace elements as Liquid, but additionally contains nitrate (N) and phosphate (P), as well as a higher concentration of potassium (K) and is ideally suited for heavily planted aquariums and aquariums with fewer fish. Liquid Plus is therefore a complete fertilizer with all micro and macro nutrients in one bottle. This liquid fertilizer is the best choice for particularly fast-growing plants with higher nutrient requirements and low fish population. It is advisable to pay attention to the plants needs and, as a first measure, to dose more sparingly and increase the quantity and frequency of water changes when algae infestation begins. At the same time, you should check the water values and all essential components to find the root cause. Liquid Plus can be used for invertebrates without any problems and is absolutely safe for shrimps, crayfish and snails.

Liquid Plus 125 ml Art. 31007 | Liquid Plus 300 ml Art. 31008

Declaration 10ml of Dennerle Plants Liquid Plus fertilizer in 100 litres of water will add the following nutrients:

N 1.3mg/l, P 0.1mg/l, K 1.0mg/l, Mg 0.4mg/l, S 0.9mg/l, B 0.004mg/l, Cu 0.006mg/l, Fe 0.07mg/l, Mn 0.04mg/l, Mo 0.002mg/l, Zn 0.002mg/l

Application: 1 pump stroke = 2ml per 20 litres. For a 100 litre aquarium we recommend starting with the following dosage and adjusting it to the individual needs. We also recommend a weekly 25% - 50% water change.

Without CO2 10 ml per week
CO2 + low light 2 ml per day
CO2 + high light 4 ml per day

Tip: You can also use both Liquid and Liquid Plus fertilizers in combination to adjust the amount of NPK or Fe individually to the needs of your plants.

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