Egeria densa

Egeria densa

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Geographic Origin: Cosmopolitan
Maximum size: 100 cm
Rapid Growth
Lighting: Medium
Temperature: 10 to 28 °c
PH: 6.5 to 9.5
GH: 5 to 20 °d

Shipment of parcels containing plants to France: from Monday to Tuesday.

Shipment of parcels containing plants to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg: Monday to Wednesday.

For all orders placed between Wednesday and Sunday, the plants will be shipped the following week in order to guarantee the freshness of the plants.

pH maximun
9.5, 8, 7.5, 7
Température minimale
16°C, 15, 12, 10, 17°C, 18°C, 28°C, 25°C, 24°C, 23°C, 22°C, 21°C, 20°C, 19°C
Température maximale
28 °C, 26°C, 26°C, 25°C, 24°C
Lumière minimale
Forte (1W/2L), Moyenne (1W/3L), Faible (1W/4L), Très faible (1W/5L)
Lumière maximale
Très forte (1W/1L), Forte (1W/2L), Faible (1W/4L)
Origine géographique
Hauteur minimale (cm)
30 Cm, 45 Cm, 40 Cm, 35 Cm
Hauteur maximale (cm)
80 Cm, 75 Cm, 70 Cm, 65 Cm, 60 Cm, 55 Cm, 50 Cm
7.5, 6.5

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