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Tetra has become the supplier of a complete range of aquarium food and treatment products, as well as a wide range of products for garden ponds and reptiles: 

  • Basic food, supplementary food and specialty food for freshwater and marine fish, as well as reptiles and crustaceans.
  • Solutions for water purification, water treatment and anti-algae products.
  • Range of care products for aquatic plants
  • Aquariums, heaters, filters, pumps, lighting and vivariums
  • Medicinal treatments for tropical and cold water fishes
  • Garden pond owners will also find a wide range of food and water treatment products for pond fish
Tetra Aqua Bactozym 10...
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Water Conditioners

Tetra Aqua Bactozym 10 capsules

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Tetra Bactozym rapidly increases the biological activity of the aquarium. Natural organic colloids deposit an invisible film on the filtration material and on all surfaces, thus promoting the colonization of useful filtration bacteria. The introduction of certain fish is thus possible as early as 24 hours after the installation of the aquarium. Water and...
Tetra Cichlid XL Flakes 500
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Complete food for all Cichlids and other ornamental fish - easy to digest.
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