Hygrophila Balsamique

Hygrophila Balsamique

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Famille de plante: Hygrophila
Origine: Asie
Taille: Jusqu’à 50cm
Type de Plante: Plante à Tige
Température : 18 à 28 °c
PH : 5.5 à 8.0
GH : 5 à 20 °d
Demande en Co2: Faible a Moyenne
Demande en lumière: Faible a Moyenne 25 - 50 Lumens / Litre
Vitesse de croissance: Rapide
Difficulté de maintenance: Facile


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Planting advice :

1) Take the plant out of the pot.

2) Rinse the roots thoroughly and remove as much of the rockwool as possible. 3) Divide the plants into smaller portions. 4) Plant the plants in the soil of your aquarium, spacing them sufficiently so that they do not choke on themselves.

Shipment of plants to France: Monday to Tuesday.

Packages containing plants for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are sent from Monday to Wednesday.

For all orders placed between Wednesday and Sunday, the plants will be shipped the following week in order to guarantee the freshness of the plants. Important information: in order to preserve the quality of the plants, orders are sent ONLY between Monday and Wednesday.

pH maximun
7, 7.5, 8
Température minimale
25°C, 19°C, 20°C, 21°C, 22°C, 23°C, 24°C
Température maximale
29 °C, 29 °C, 28 °C
Lumière minimale
Faible (1W/4L), Moyenne (1W/3L), Forte (1W/2L)
Lumière maximale
Faible (1W/4L), Forte (1W/2L), Très forte (1W/1L)
Origine géographique
Hauteur minimale (cm)
12 Cm, 25 Cm
Hauteur maximale (cm)
40 Cm, 45 Cm
6, 6.5, 7.5
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