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Tetra Aqua Bactozym 10 capsules

Tetra Aqua Bactozym 10 capsules

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Tetra Bactozym rapidly increases the biological activity of the aquarium.
Natural organic colloids deposit an invisible film on the filtration material and on all surfaces, thus promoting the colonization of useful filtration bacteria.
The introduction of certain fish is thus possible as early as 24 hours after the installation of the aquarium.
Water and filter changes can be made without a dramatic decrease in biological activity.


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Reduces water pollution and creates crystal clear water with selected enzymes.
Rapidly increases biological activity and facilitates the start-up of a new aquarium.
Creates an ideal environment for the proliferation of decomposition bacteria.
Promotes and accelerates the colonization of nitrifying bacteria (elimination of nitrites and ammonia).
Encourages the removal of organic impurities.
Water and filter changes can be made without a dramatic decrease in bacterial activity.
Microorganisms weakened or altered by drugs are revitalized.
Works immediately and durably thanks to its improved formula with highly active enzymes and spores.
For all freshwater and marine aquariums.

Traitement de l'eau
Bactéries de Démarrage/Entretien
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