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Set containing 13 tests for the analysis of tap water and fresh water in aquariums


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Easy and safe control of water parameters in aquariums. Determination of: pH (3 ranges), carbonate hardness, total hardness, ammonium/ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, iron, copper, silicates, oxygen. Calculation of CO2 on table.

Contents: 1 test set, 13 tests, 12 glass test tubes, 2 syringes, 3 measuring spoons, thermometer, comparator block, 2 plastic test tubes, colour charts, CO2 table, biros, analysis sheets, instructions for use.

The following tests are available: 

pH test: water acidity from 3.0 to 10
pH test: water acidity from 6.0 to 7.6
pH test: water acidity from 7.4 to 9.0
O2 test: determination of oxygen content
CO2 test: determination of carbon dioxide for good plant growth
GH test: determination of total hardness
KH test: pH stability of the water (carbonate hardness)
Test PO4: determination of phosphates (cause of algae and plant nutrients)
NH4 / NH3 test: display of non-toxic ammonia, calculation of toxic ammonia on the board
NO2 test: determination of nitrites, nitrogen compounds that are toxic for fish.
NO3 test: determination of nitrates (cause of algae and plant nutrients)
Fe test: determination of iron content to control fertilisation
Cu test: heavy metal, lethal to invertebrates. Also important for the therapeutic dosage of drugs
SiO2 test: determination of silicates (silicic acid), cause of diatoms. 

For CO2, it is sufficient to measure the pH and KH to determine from these two figures the CO2 content of the water which will be taken from the table provided.

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