Classic Led Control +E Eheim EHEIM - 1
Classic Led Control +E Eheim EHEIM - 1
Classic Led Control +E Eheim

Classic Led Control +E Eheim

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With the EHEIM classicLEDcontrol+e, you can easily control the brightness in your aquarium - without cables.

Sunrise and sunset, cloud effects, moonlight... The natural alternation of brightness in your aquarium significantly contributes to the well-being of plants and fish. With our classicLEDcontrol+e lighting controller, you can optimally simulate the natural progression of the day - and even set moon phases close to reality. The controller offers maximum performance, high power, stable connection, and compatibility with all devices from the EHEIM Digital family.

The classicLEDcontrol+e is quick to install. You can program and operate it easily with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can choose from one of the pre-installed lighting scenarios or create your own scenario and individually adjust the brightness progression.

The lighting control only works in combination with EHEIM classicLED fixtures. In case of a change in light source (e.g., T5/T8 to classicLED) or a rearrangement of your aquarium, a function assists you. The current time is automatically synchronized.

Updates can be downloaded for free from the EHEIM website.

Advantages of the EHEIM classicLEDcontrol+e

  • Optimized controller offering maximum performance, high power, and stable connection
  • Compatibility with all devices from the EHEIM Digital family
  • Aquarium lighting control - only in combination with EHEIM classicLED lamps and EHEIM classicLED power supplies
  • Wireless control via WLAN-compatible devices (smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac)
  • Two connectors can be controlled separately; thus, two individual lighting scenarios can be set; multiple fixtures can be controlled individually or synchronously
  • Simulation of the daily progression as in nature
  • Pre-installed lighting scenarios for different habitats
  • Individually programmable brightness progression
  • Realistic moonlight with moon phases
  • Freely configurable: sunrise and sunset (up to 3 hours each), cloud effects, moonlight, etc.
  • Lighting scenarios can be saved, downloaded, and shared online
  • Expert mode with additional adjustment possibilities
  • Acclimatization mode, for example, during a change of light source (T5/T8 to classicLED) or when setting up a new aquarium.
  • Optimal settings for fixtures: "classicLED daylight" and "classicLED plants"
  • Quick switch to check the selected settings
  • Automatic switch to daylight saving time and standard time with one click
  • Free updates available for download on the EHEIM website.
  • Maximum safety and reliability - 3 years warranty
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